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Our Instructors

Brandy Dahlen

Brandy Dahlen

University of Cambridge, M.A., History, Literature, and Writing Teacher










​Hi everyone! I have a master's degree in history from the University of Cambridge in the UK, and I love teaching history, literature, research, and writing! I have been teaching history, writing, research, and literature courses, as well as ACT prep, for elementary, middle, high school, and university students for 16 years, with the last 7 years online. I have experience with students of all ages and abilities, from elementary students to adults at the university level. 


I am passionate about teaching students to really explore history through primary documents and visual sources, and I use a discussion-based, inquiry-led format to help students explore their own ideas about history, literature, and writing, as well as really learn the practical aspects of doing history and analysis rather than simply memorizing facts.

Ethan Yun

Ethan Yun

Science, Math, and Korean teacher










Hey guys! I'm Ethan-a science, math and Korean teacher. I was born and lived in South Korea for 28 years, and I'm living in the US now. I am fluent in both English and Korean. I have a degree in biology from a national university in Korea.

I love helping students study Korean language and culture. I have worked in a biology laboratory for 2 years, and I'm planning to start my Ph.D. in biology in the US! I'm also a qualified math teacher. I want to show learners that mathematics is quite a fun thing and it's a language in which the universe is written!


I like to keep my classes discussion based and inquiry led. I try to keep students engaged with hands-on, relevant examples and experiences. I want to get students excited about studying science, math, and Korean. I look forward to seeing your learners in the classroom! 

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